• from - italy

  • Residence

  • Okinawa Onna Son 

  • age - 37 male

  • speaking languages -

  • English-

  • Italian-

  • Spanish

  • Qualification

  •  kiteboarding instructor

  • surfing instructor

  • snorkeling guide 

  • sup instructor

  • School Team rider 

  • Switch Kite

Bolognesi Francesco 

okinawa permanent resident 

Staff instructor 

Owner off Tropical Surf House Okinawa

license guest house and marine sport kiteboarding center. 

Since move to okinawa 2014 and open

T-S-H guest house and marinesport  Cesco-San have been going in the ocean kiteboarding surfing or snorkeling almost every day any season becoming  real expert on local kite and surf spot all year around.

Francesco is certificate kiteboarding and surfing instructor and license for marine activities and rescue in okinawa 

Start surfing and riding kiteboarding since 2001 now is know as the finest kiteboarding and surfing instructor in the island expertise in the okinawa ocean waves and wind making your experience safe and fun .

Over 20 years Cesco-San refine is advance waveriding  style riding and huge mega jump in the air with is kite  make him  one off the best kitesurfer in okinawa riding for switch kiteboarding team rider. 

Tropical Surf house
Team Rider and Instructor
Owner Bolognesi Francesco



Surf Point

SINCE 2014