The okinawa has the most beautifull ocean in japan. Isolation and depth contribute to the quality of the ocean and coral reef surrounding okinawa. A healthy coral reef results in exceptional snorkeling. Snorkeling in onna son okinawa is one of the most popular okinawa activities. In fact,  snorkeling is more popular than snorkeling on all the other  islands. The reason Onna son snorkeling is the best, is the proximity o the beach and caves like blu cave ,by the coast of Maeda point. Maeda is the most sought after snorkel location in Okinawa and certainly the most popular snorkeling location in  japan .
Surrounded by the Tropical marine life Okinawa is truly an ocean paradise for snorkeling.
Okinawa Snorkeling is an opportunity to enter a world of fascination, color and serenity.
Maeda snorkeling is snorkeling at its very best! There are significant reasons why Okinawa  snorkeling is so special. The quality of the water surrounding Onna Son is superior, providing unsurpassed clarity. Visibility is consistently excellent, often in excess of 150 feet. Okinawa is a flourishing coral reef, where thousands of fish and marine animals cohabitate. The shallow coral reef  is teeming with a wide variety of colorful and fascinating fish and marine animals, including over 200 species of fish found only in okinawa. Exploring the coral reef while snorkeling in Maeda , is a Okinawa snorkeling experience not soon forgotten.
Exceptional Onna Son snorkeling is not limited to Maeda but many  site . While Maeda and the blu cave is certainly at the top of the list, there are other wonderful snorkel destinations with an abundance of striking marine animals and beautiful coral reef. One of the most striking fish is me hahaha which is a brilliant italian good looking fish (glowing) fish with electric personality and fin tips, resembling the fragrance of life. ;)


Beginner snorkeling in okinawa is the perfect introduction to this new world of color, texture and motion. okinawa snorkeling is particularly well suited for the novice, because the water is so frequently clear, calm, shallow, and full of life.
Experienced snorkelers will appreciate the snorkel sites we visit, where drop offs, ledges, over hangs, a wide variety of fish and larger marine animals can also be viewed in okinawa .