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Odin kiteboard

Odin kiteboard

¥99,000 Regular Price
¥74,250Sale Price

The Odin is a premium high performance carbon board.
Ultimate control with an explosive pop no matter the conditions.
This board is for any rider that wants to up their game. 

Rider Level – Most suitable for intermediate and advanced riders.

Rider styles – Freestyle, Big-air & All-round / Straps & Boots.

Sizes – 133×39 / 137×41 / 141×41.5 / 145×42 / 148×43

  • Double rail channels.
  • Double head & tail channels.
  • Channels provide extra grip, control and feedback.
  • The diagonal orientated carbon sheet on both sides of the wood core provides extra stiffness and strength.
  • It provides a very direct feedback and an explosive pop.
  • The 3D wood core provides a controlled strength and flex pattern over the deck.
  • The Odin has a 6cm (medium/high) rocker.
  • It cuts through choppy water and provides enhanced control during high-speed landings..

SINCE 2014

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